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Brian L. Oaks Attorney At Law provides help to all types of businesses collecting money, representing both commercial and consumer collectors. Clients range from those on Main Street in Kokomo Indiana to Fortune 500 corporations with offices around the world. If your business is owed money by someone in Indiana, I will handle your case.

My practice has been built by delivering results to businesses who are owed money. As an attorney, I have a full understanding of Federal and State collection laws. I file lawsuits quickly then handle the case through judgment, and all post judgment hearings.

My office will provide you with a written fee agreement upfront, I will then acknowledge your claim, and update you within 30 days of starting the case. You will be updated and receive disbursements at least monthly until the case is completed. I will work hard and be creative (all within the boundaries of the law) to collect your debt.

To find out more about what I can do to help you, please call or email me:
Phone: 765-457-9321
Fax: 765-452-0882
Email: Brian L. Oaks

  • Commercial & Consumer Debt Collection
  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Corporate law

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515 West Sycamore Street
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Phone: 765-457-9321
Fax: 765-452-0882
Email: Brian L. Oaks