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The goal in any collection case is to collect the money as quickly as possible. The path to such an outcome can vary from case to case.


For example in a traditional consumer collection case, I may garnish wages or bank accounts. In commercial cases, I may praecipe for the sheriff to levy on the debtor’s property.

Insurance Subrogation Claims

Insurance subrogation cases in Indiana allow the creditor to take the driving privileges of someone who does not pay the debt. I have invoked this option several times which in many cases led to quick pay-offs.

Equipment Lease Litigation

I assist leasing companies in the enforcement of the terms of the lease agreement. I pursue monetary recovery through the judicial process within the state of Indiana. Through our extensive network of out-of-state attorneys, we are able to forward matters to out-of-state counsel, and continue to oversee and coordinate all collection efforts. For out-of-state clients, we enforce lease agreements, as they relate to customers in Indiana, as well as domestication of judgments which have been previously entered outside of the state. In addition to the monetary remedies I seek, many of my clients desire the return of equipment. I aggressively pursue these options also.

Claim and Delivery/Replevin

Replevin actions are filed when necessary to get the property back into the creditors possession.

Hospital Collections

Indiana law allows the hospital to place a lien upon the insurance proceeds of a settlement which can be a very effective tool I have used.

Construction Liens

Indiana law also allows for mechanic’s liens to be placed upon homeowner’s real estate if the money owed is due to construction work.

  • Commercial & Consumer Debt Collection
  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Corporate law

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